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Accumulation versus Distribution

Accumulation versus Distribution

While it’s important that you focus on saving money, it can’t be the only thing you think about if you’re saving for retirement. You need to consider your distribution plan, also. Distribution is the stage where you will be turning your accumulated assets into an income stream. Many people make the mistake of waiting until they are near or in retirement to figure out how and when they will take their distributions. A smarter approach is to incorporate your distribution plan into your plan today, even if retirement is quite some time away. Don't wait until you get to retirement because you may miss out on opportunities to make significant changes to your retirement picture.

We work with clients throughout the United States – many of whom have engaged a traditional financial professional to at least begin their retirement savings journey, but who now wish to use the services of a retirement income specialist. We do, of course, also work with people who are just starting to save for retirement. 

All our work with clients takes an educational approach.

For Pre-Retirees

For Pre-Retirees

The Accumulation Phase

Begin your retirement plan with the end in mind. Why are you saving in the first place? It’s so you can amass as much money as possible, so you can have the biggest income possible in retirement –an income that you can’t outlive. Keep in mind that your distribution plan goes hand in hand with your saving plan. If you’re in the process of accumulating wealth, it’s equally important to incorporate distribution planning into your strategy today.

The Preservation Phase

As retirement comes into closer focus – say within 5 to 10 years of retirement – people will enter what we call the ‘preservation’ phase. Simply said, on the eve of your retirement, you want to hold onto what you've worked so hard to accumulate. As you enter the preservation stage, you will want to minimize your market exposure so that a market adjustment the year before you retire doesn't change your whole retirement picture.

For Retirees

The Distribution Phase

Finally, it will be time to retire! Our primary goal is to create the most income possible for you, so you can live the retirement you deserve and that you worked so hard to afford. A distribution strategy needs to be work alongside your plan to save for the future. A proper distribution plan takes into account effective ways to minimize taxes and uses suitable financial tools to accomplish your goals. 
Determining when you will retire is an important step that truly requires specialized financial advice. Mistakes are costly, and as with anything associated with retirement, there is unfortunately no way to make up for lost time.

Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is the final component of the retirement planning process, but here again, you will want to start thinking about it as soon as possible. We work with clients to help ensure tax-efficient paths are in place designed for the optimal transfer of assets to beneficiaries, and we use suitable tools to accomplish our clients’ legacy objectives.

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