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Our Process

It’s time to take a strategic approach to your finances.

We take a strategic, efficient, and process-driven approach to helping our clients. By educating you thoroughly on key financial concepts, we help you develop a deep-seated understanding of the strategies you employ.

Here’s how we will work together. 


1: Introduction & fact finding
In our first meeting, we introduce our approach to putting your money to work for you. We find out more about you and your goals, and you get to decide whether you agree with our way of thinking. 

2: Education & strategic concepts
In our second meeting, we discuss financial protection and introduce wealth building concepts that focus on efficient saving allocation strategies, taking a ‘begin with the end in mind’ approach.

3: Review & modeling
Next, we review how our strategies would affect your financial picture. We model different scenarios and discuss potential outcomes on your revenue streams in retirement.

4: Decision-making & implementation
In our final meeting, you decide how you would like to move forward. Should you choose to proceed, we then take steps to implement the agreed-upon strategies.