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Our Process

It’s time to take a strategic approach to your finances.

We take a strategic, efficient, and process-driven approach to helping our clients. By educating you thoroughly on key financial concepts, we help you develop a deep-seated understanding of the strategies you employ.

Here’s how we will work together. 


1: Introduction & fact finding
In our first meeting, we introduce our approach to putting your money to work for you. We find out more about you and your goals, and you get to decide whether you agree with our way of thinking. 

2: Education & strategic concepts
In our second meeting, we discuss financial protection and introduce wealth building concepts that focus on efficient saving allocation strategies, taking a ‘begin with the end in mind’ approach.

3: Review & modeling
Next, we review how our strategies would affect your financial picture. We model different scenarios and discuss potential outcomes on your revenue streams in retirement.

4: Decision-making & implementation
In our final meeting, you decide how you would like to move forward. Should you choose to proceed, we then take steps to implement the agreed-upon strategies. 

Simplifying a complicated topic

Simplifying a complicated topic

Retirement saving is a rapidly changing field of knowledge, affected by the ever-shifting political, legal and tax landscape. Retirement distribution planning is significantly different from traditional financial guidance; it represents a niche within the larger scope of financial guidance. We wanted to specialize in an area of expertise that affects the future of millions of Americans, and so we dedicated our practice to this specialty.

In our experience, most clients are unaware of the complexities associated with liquidating their hard-earned and carefully accumulated assets. The ongoing changes in retirement savings rules and regulations, not to mention the ways that savings and distributions are taxed, call for a specialist in retirement income planning.

Educating clients first

Educating clients first

We take an educational approach to help clients understand a topic as big as retirement. First-time clients are invited to small group settings where we can explore the risks and opportunities before them. No prior financial knowledge or financial planning is required. In one-on-one conversations and through our explanations of the retirement timeline, we help clients identify their priorities, so that we can assist them with accomplishing their goals.

We meet with clients nationwide in-person and via video-based conferencing. If you are interested in meeting with us, please contact us here.

Where are you on the retirement timeline?

The first thing we will do when we meet with you, is to help you identify where you are in the retirement timeline. Pre-retirees fall into the accumulation and preservation phases, where the focus is on saving as much as possible, and once retirement is in view, we are exposing assets to less risk. Retirees fall into the distribution and legacy phases, where the priority is creating tax-mitigating distribution strategies to provide income streams that cannot be outlived. Here, too, retirees will be thinking about how they can transfer assets to the next generation or other beneficiaries as part of their legacy plan.

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